About us

Edeanna Scriboni was born and raised in Tuscania, a town with a high concentration of historical assets in the region Lazio. She was only twenty years old when she approached the field of real estate business and construction, a kind of runs in the family, and moved to Andora, in the footsteps of her uncle. Since then she has been working as estate agent with unchanged passion and determination.

Commitment and enthusiasm are indeed the trademark of her own real estate agency in Andora. Here, Edeanna has become a reference point for both buyers and sellers. Over time she has also earned the confidence of builders, who entrust the selling of new buildings to her.

The constant presence within building sites allows her to improve skills and knowledge in the different fields of competence of real estate business. Today her agency boasts many exclusive mandates to sell high quality properties.

Ufficio-Agenzia-Immobiliare-Andora-Edeanna-ScriboniIn her RE agency, Edeanna has also recourse to the technical assistance and organisation of the architect Marta Fantoni and the secretary social media manager Linda Fantoni.

Edeanna’s RE Agency is a cosy two-rooms-office soberly decorated. The Agency opens every day from 9:30 to 12:30 am and from 15:30 to 19:30 pm. Closed on Thursday in winter.