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Energy Performance Certificates

Energy certification (APE) is essential in Italy for every real estate purchase or sale practice. Certification attests the energy performance of the building, ie the energy needs required for its air conditioning, considering summer air conditioning and winter heating, lighting, ventilation, and hot water usage.

Energy certification is mandatory since 2013 (D.P.R. 75/2013) for:

  • real estate lease of more than 30 days
  • sale of real estate for residential use
  • donations and transfers also free of charge

Energy certification identifies standardized parameters that consider the location of the property, thermal insulation, and various facilities at the service of the property. In the APE, the energy performance of the property is expressed as an annual energy performance index in kWh/m2 or kWh/m3 and there are useful indications to improve this index with interventions on the building and on the plants.

If there are no interventions that can alter the energy performance of the property, the EPA is valid for 10 years, but periodic checks must be made. EPA must be drafted by a qualified technician as D.P.R. 75/2013. No EPA is needed if the contract does not require registration, such as for boxes, or for isolated buildings with a surface area of ​​less than 50 square meters and non-residential farm buildings.