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Home Staging: Create a mood to sell it swiftly

In a competitive real estate market, the staging of homes is a growing trend. According to many marketing agencies, home staging greatly improves both the sale and the rental of property.
In the Anglo-Saxon reality, the profession of Home Stager has been for years required by agencies and private sellers. It’s considered a necessary step before putting a property on sale, to get better chances; whereas in Italy, it is catching on only recently, mainly in big cities, rather than in small towns such as those of the Ligurian Riviera.
In these small and charming towns, not all sellers are receptive at first. The reason is about the costs of the setting or, at least, that’s what people think: nothing more wrong. With the help of few simple tricks, the Home Stager makes a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby a property can be sold or rented more swiftly and sold for more money.
According to sources such as the „Il Sole 24 ore”, the house sells faster by turning to a Home Stager. In particular, sales times are down 72% compared to those that try to transact via traditional channels.
Home Staging changes radically the concept of selling real estate: selling a home is like investing in a business, the goal is to earn as much as possible from the investment.
The Stager’s work requires indeed few but useful tools: changing the disposition of the furniture, giving a touch of colour, making the space brighter and uncluttered; finding the perfect decoration and providing better lighting. The house staging it’s a temporary, partial change, that doesn’t involve the layout of the house, and it aims to perform a professional photo-shooting.
The purpose is to make the house loved at first glance.
There are two main techniques of Home Staging, and both need the inspection, the relief and the setting of a portfolio, in which to outline every strength and weakness of the property for sale.
According to the customer’s budget and will, the Home Stager carries out the improvements with the support of artisans. High-resolution photos are lastly shooted for the portfolio.


The other option is the Virtual Home Staging, that is, to elaborate the recommended solutions through the technique of rendering and the use of suitable software: the high resolutions images give a tangible idea of how the setting will be, after the proposed staging.


Home Stage means „stage-home.“ It’s about dressing the house for selling and creating moods: clearing away what’s too much and re-designing a more appealing space. Staging makes miracles: your home look bigger, brighter, more charming, more desirable, more welcoming. Therefore the house buyer is buckled.
The Home Staging is especially crucial in the Western Ligurian Riviera market, with its high inventory and competing properties. The practice of the Home Stage is useful for two reasons: provides the owner with the essential tools to improve the appearance of the property and gain better sales opportunities, and offers buyers a design project at an affordable price.

Architect Marta Fantoni Home Stager of the real estate agency Team Edeanna Scriboni