Two-room apartment with breathtaking sea view, in building with swimming pool and garage


A spectacular location, enchanting views

1 - 22





€200,000.00 negotiable


49 sqm







Energy class






Swimming pool


Condo fees



Caretaker in the building, swimming pool, common areas, garage, double condominium access, proximity to services

This flat represents an excellent investment opportunity, allowing you to acquire a property in a unique location. Located within a well-kept seafront complex in the renowned Cervo (IM), it offers breathtaking views and access to all the comforts of a well-managed property.

A caretaker service is available all year round, ensuring that the environment is always maintained at its best. Common facilities include a swimming pool, well-maintained green areas and a large communal solarium, ideal for relaxation and entertainment.

Inside the unit there is a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom with shower. The size is suitable for comfortably accommodating a family of four, with the living room being convertible into an additional sleeping area thanks to the sofa bed.

Thanks to the available space and the privileged location, after an intelligent renovation, this flat can become a luxurious second home by the sea, perfect for those seeking an elegant and comfortable retreat in one of the most charming locations on the Ligurian Riviera.

Wow! Cervo.

Less than 10 km from the center of Imperia, the picturesque village of Cervo (IM) stands, an enchanting gem of Liguria nestled by the sea. Over the centuries, Cervo has preserved its medieval characteristics, becoming a true pearl of the region. This charming village is admired not only for its architectural beauty but also for the unique landscape that surrounds it.

Facing Cervo, the infinite blue of the sea stretches out, creating a breathtaking view that captivates visitors. From its narrow streets and small squares, one can enjoy spectacular vistas of the maritime horizon, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity.

Behind the village, the landscape changes dramatically, with green hills dominating the scene. This contrast between the blue of the sea and the green of the hills makes Cervo even more charming and picturesque. The hills provide a splendid natural backdrop to the village, adding a touch of magic to its architectural beauty.

The historic center of Cervo, with its cobblestone streets, alleyways, and stone buildings, is a true medieval treasure that has been preserved over time. Its historic houses, palaces, and monuments bear witness to a past rich in history and culture. Every corner of the village tells a story and reveals details that captivate visitors.

The charm of Cervo is not limited to its architecture and privileged location but also extends to its lively cultural atmosphere. The village hosts artistic and musical events throughout the year, attracting both tourists and residents with a variety of shows and exhibitions.

Furthermore, Ligurian cuisine is an experience not to be missed in Cervo. Local restaurants and trattorias offer delicious traditional dishes prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients, making the taste of Cervo even more unforgettable.

Via Aurelia 22, Cervo (IM)