Tidy Two-room Apartment With Garden, Molino Nuovo (SV)


In a lively condominium setting, with communal gardens and swimming pool, garage level and four kilometres from the beaches

1 - 23






€168,000.00 negotiable


54 sqm







Energy class






Swimming pool


Condo fees

€38.00 (negotiable)


Air conditioning, storage room, french windows, new window frames, private garden, communal garden, communal swimming pool, garage floor

Molino Nuovo is a typical Ligurian village complete with every service from a pharmacy to a supermarket, primary schools and some sports facilities as well as bars and restaurants.

The flat, fully furnished, air-conditioned, tidy and with internal storage, is located in a complex of a few units, provided with gardens and a condominium swimming pool in perfect condition and available during the months of the season.

Entering the flat through the gate, one is immediately greeted by the private, partly terraced garden. The window and doorframes are in perfect condition, as are the shutters, one of which is lockable. The living room is divided into two areas, one the kitchen with a table and the other with a sofa bed, furniture and television.

A sliding door leads to the bedroom, complete with bedside tables, bed and wardrobe. Here too, the window also serves as a door, making the room bright and creating an additional passage to the outside.

A hallway then leads to the large bathroom with shower and the utility room, which is spacious and perfectly usable.

The property is air-conditioned in both rooms, should one wish to cool or heat it.

The appurtenant garage is located on the S1 floor; an external staircase is sufficient to access the floor, where the garage in question is located right next to the exit ramp, which is easy to manoeuvre.

Molino nuovo, Andora (SV)

Molino Nuovo (SV) is a small village located just a few kilometers from the sea, making it an ideal choice for those looking to purchase a primary or secondary home. This area in Andora features modern complexes and all the necessary amenities, offering a tranquil setting rich in green spaces and parking areas.

The location of Molino Nuovo is undoubtedly one of its greatest strengths. Being within close proximity to the sea allows residents to enjoy the beauty of the coastline and engage in various beach-related activities such as swimming, beach walks, and boat excursions. At the same time, this village provides a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of more crowded tourist destinations, ensuring a relaxing and serene environment.

The modern residential complexes found in the Molino Nuovo area offer state-of-the-art housing solutions, with apartments and houses designed to meet the needs and tastes of every buyer. The buildings are carefully crafted with attention to detail and offer a variety of options, from the size of the properties to the furnishings and finishes. This modernity translates into a comfortable and convenient lifestyle, with all modern amenities readily available.

Moreover, Molino Nuovo boasts unparalleled tranquility. The presence of ample green areas and parking zones contributes to a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for those seeking a home away from the stress and chaos of the city. Here, one can enjoy open spaces, peaceful outdoor walks, and a healthy and rejuvenating environment.

The surrounding area also offers a wide range of essential services. Shops, supermarkets, restaurants, and other commercial activities are available, ensuring that residents of Molino Nuovo have everything they need within reach. Additionally, the proximity to other localities and urban centers provides further opportunities for leisure, entertainment, and services.

In conclusion, the purchase of a primary or secondary home in the Molino Nuovo area is a smart choice for those seeking a balanced lifestyle between proximity to the sea and the tranquility of a modern residential village. With its prime location, offering cutting-edge residential complexes and essential amenities, Molino Nuovo provides an ideal environment to enjoy life and build a happy and fulfilling future.

Via Privata Musso 4, Andora (SV)