Rustic house surrounded by nature in the hinterland of Albenga


Renovating pays off, find out how

Many properties that once served their owners best are now obsolete. Fear not! We've got you covered.

The generous dimensions of yesteryear offer considerable scope for renovation and reorganization of space. Often, these homes are completely revitalized: subdivided into new units and put back up for sale, they represent an opportunity to undertake a lucrative real estate deal. This transaction may even allow you to obtain housing in the same setting, if you so desire.

In many circumstances, as in the present case, such properties occupy enviable positions obtained in eras when real estate had less momentum.

The panoramic view of the stream lends prestige to the building, as does the atmosphere of the surrounding historic village and the presence of renowned restaurants in the area, not to mention the picturesque ponds a few miles away. These elements contribute to an atmosphere of great charm and value for potential buyers.

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€168,000.00 negotiable


387 sqm


Partially furnished





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Possibility of renewal, prime location, possibility of renewal study

In the captivating setting of Nasino Village, situated in the hinterlands of Albenga, proudly stands this impressive residential structure spanning three floors, each hosting an independent apartment that exudes an aura of exclusivity and privacy.

The architectural layout of the living units is primarily characterized by the presence of four spacious rooms, offering extensive flexibility in interior organization. Each floor is equipped with a bathroom that ensures the comfort and functionality of the residences. An additional distinctive value of these properties is the terraces and verandas found on every level, bestowing upon residents the opportunity to relish outdoor spaces with panoramic, verdant views.

The building also boasts a series of ancillary rooms, showcasing meticulous attention to detail and complete usability of spaces. These include storage rooms, closets, cellars, and versatile areas that lend themselves to diverse uses. Within this category of advantages, private garden sections and pathways leading to the stream below are also encompassed, adding a touch of nature and tranquility to the residential experience.

The structure is amenable to the effortless subdivision of floors into separate units, each with its own independent entrance. This ease is ensured by the presence of a singular staircase, positioned at the same point on each level, which ascends to the elegant upper floor. This design confers flexibility in configurations and uses, catering to the diverse needs of the residents.

The location within the charming Nasino Village, steeped in history and authenticity, combined with convenient access to the hinterlands of Albenga, renders this property not only an appealing real estate option but also an investment opportunity that blends architectural elegance with the promise of residing in an enchanting and well-connected environment.

Nasino, Albenga (SV)

Nasino, nestled in Albenga's hinterlands, weaves a tale of history and natural beauty. This village, embraced by rolling hills, carries a timeless charm.

Steeped in history, Nasino's cobblestone streets whisper ancient stories. Its weathered stone buildings stand as silent witnesses to medieval times, when Nasino was a crossroads of cultures.

Nature is Nasino's backdrop, a serene masterpiece. Rolling green hills and soft streams create a tranquil atmosphere. Time seems woven into the landscape, offering a sense of serenity.

Today, Nasino blends history and modernity. Its streets invite you to explore generations of stories. This village bridges the past and present, where history mingles with contemporary life, welcoming you to become part of its ongoing story.

Via Roma 35/41/43/45/53, località Nasino, Albenga (SV)