Large flat with possibility of renovation, Laigueglia


The space allows a redistribution of rooms and, if desired, the addition of an extra room

1 - 19





€400,000.00 negotiable


56 sqm


Partially furnished





Energy class




Condo fees

€98.00 (negotiable)


Proximity to the sea, services, grocery. box included in the price

This large three-room apartment in Laigueglia, located a stone's throw from the sea and on the ground floor, offers convenient accessibility and easy management.

Currently, it consists of two double bedrooms, an eat-in kitchen and a bathroom with shower.

However, the potential of this property is even greater, as it is possible to renovate it and create a new division of space. Thanks to this, an additional room could be obtained, which could be used as a third bedroom, a study, a hobby room or a laundry room. This new space arrangement will add flexibility and possibilities for use.

Also included in the price of the apartment is a convenient 18-square-meter garage right next to the house. This offers additional value by providing a safe and practical space to park the car or store items and equipment.

The combination of the new subdivision of space and the garage included in the price makes this property even more attractive and versatile, ideal for both a vacation residence and as a primary residence. 

We are excited to accompany you through the renovation process and help you realize your ideal project in this charming apartment just a stone's throw from the sea.

Laigueglia, a maritime reality waiting to be discovered

Laigueglia is a beautiful coastal town in Liguria, Italy, characterized by colorful houses, sandy beaches, and crystal-clear waters. The historic center exudes an authentic atmosphere with charming churches and cozy cafes. The beaches invite relaxation and water sports activities. The nearby hills and countryside offer scenic hiking opportunities. The Ligurian cuisine is rich in delicious delicacies. In summary, Laigueglia is an ideal destination for an authentic and relaxing vacation.

Via Roma, Laigueglia (SV)