A unique property in an enchanting location


The perfect luxury abode for demanding people

Pinamare, a charming pine forest just steps from the sea, represents the perfect environment for those seeking a luxurious residence, immersed in the serenity of nature, with easy access to the beaches and spacious, comfortable areas. In this picturesque setting, an extraordinary villa emerges, meticulously crafted using precious materials and designed by a young and visionary architectural team. This residence not only embodies the essence of luxury but also offers impeccable functionality and a modern aesthetic, making it an architectural gem. Let's explore it together!

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450 sqm


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Swimming pool



Air conditioning, home water softener, irrigation, alarm, secured pine trees, mini golf course, fine materials

Once you pass through the main entrance gate of the property, conveniently located adjacent to two parking spaces and a spacious garage, the Villa unfolds on a generous main level, offering a spectacular panoramic view of the sea, the hills, the harbor, and the stunning pool area.

The pool itself is a true gem, adorned with an elegant fountain and a massage system, featuring automatic opening/closing and a heat pump for temperature regulation. This area also includes dedicated changing rooms and a separate living area for leisure.

The outdoor spaces are a visual delight, harmonizing with the colors of the azure sky, the blue sea, and the lush Ligurian vegetation that covers the garden areas. The garden even boasts a 9-hole mini golf course, a meticulously paved solarium with expansion potential, and a cutting-edge outdoor kitchen covered by a custom-built structure equipped with elements of luxury and functionality.

Once you step inside the Villa, its grandeur is even more apparent. Every corner of the house is a work of art, combining sumptuous elegance with a modern, linear, and minimalist design. The living area is separated from the dining area, just as the latter is distinctively separated from the sleeping area. The main floor hosts four bedrooms and three bathrooms, ensuring well-thought-out spaces for harmonious living.

An internal staircase leads to the lower floor, where you will find another three bedrooms, two additional bathrooms, and extra spaces, divided into living areas, a tavern, and utility rooms.

But the wonder doesn't end there! The Villa also offers a charming annex, a studio of about 45 square meters that could easily be considered a full-fledged apartment. In this space, luxury is once again a defining characteristic, with a maritime style, the use of natural stone, high-quality materials, tasteful furnishings, and a well-appointed kitchen and bathroom, making this unit a noteworthy addition.

If this property captivates your interest, do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a visit!

Pinamare Hill, what a place!

The Pinamare Hill, known as the most prestigious in the area, boasts a reputation of great value. It is primarily characterized by exclusive residential properties, hosting high-end structures nestled in lush vegetation and offering breathtaking panoramas reminiscent of a cinematic scene. The presence of an extensive pine forest further enriches the area, creating a naturally enchanting environment.

Despite its elevated status, the hill remains easily accessible, providing pleasant and convenient walking paths. This allows visitors to explore the area while simultaneously enjoying the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

In summary, Pinamare Hill is an unmissable destination that deserves a visit. Its reputation for excellence, exclusive residential character, and immersion in nature make it a captivating and desirable area for those seeking an environment of high value and beauty.

Via San Martino, Pinamare, Andora (SV)